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Need GST Invoice for orders on Dubaria.Shop ?

It is simple to get an Invoice with GST Number mentioned on it for every order placed via Dubaria.Shop.

Kindly check the below article with four easy step along with screenshots for your reference.

Step 1 : Add product to the cart.

Step 2 : Click checkout once all required products are added to the cart.

Step 3 : Enter Your Name or Company Name to the 'First Name' Field only. Enter Your GST in 'Last Name' Field.

Step 4 : Check whether all the entered details on 'Customer Information' page are correct. If correct, go ahead and complete the payment by clicking on checkout button. 

If you still face any problems or need to add GST number to an Invoice for a previously placed order, kindly submit a ticket here and we will solve it soon as possible. This can only be done within 3 days after an order is placed.