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Dubaria Empty Refillable Cartridge For HP Z 2100 & Z 3200 Printers Compatible With HP 70 All 8 Colors

Dubaria Empty Refillable Cartridge For HP Z 2100 & Z 3200 Printers Compatible With HP 70 All 8 Colors

A refillable ink cartridge is a highly durable replica of an original manufacturer’s cartridge. Unlike an original or compatible single use cartridge, it is capable of being refilled from bulk ink bottles for numerous times.

Simply purchasing a refillable cartridge starter pack can save you over 70% on ink! Not only are you saving money by buying ink in its raw form, you are also saving the environment. For every bottle of ink purchased you are saving up to 15 cartridges from going into landfill. Going green has never been so appealing.

Will the print quality suffer ? The short answer to this question is no, not in the slightest way. Our inks are developed to match OEM inks in quality and longevity. This means you will get the same colors and life from your prints that you would, were you using originals. All of our inks are tailor made for the machines they are meant to be used in. No universal ink will ever touch our shelves. Refillable ink cartridges are not the reason for blockages in inkjet printers. Printers that use liquid inks are susceptible to ink blockages if not used for long periods. Most of these cartridges have auto reset chip inside which will display the level of ink as 100%, these are also known as ARC (Auto Reset Chips).

Dubaria® offer a diversified variety of refillable ink cartridges including Canon,  HP, Epson, Brother, Samsung, Lexmark, etc. All of the refillable ink cartridges Dubaria® sells have undergone strenuous testing in the machines they are built for. Count on original Dubaria® refillable ink cartridge for consistent, reliable performance. Dubaria® provides refillable ink cartridge that are more affordable, better for the environment and deliver top quality printing. Our aim is to never let you run out of ink.

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