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शिपिंग नीति

Our Shipping Partners


Standard delivery duration with every courier company is 3 to 5 business working days except Indiapost.



1. What are delivery charges ?
Ans. Most of the product are free shipped on Dubaria.Shop. However, few products might add an extra shipping cost due to nature of the product and cost of it's shipping charges. Whatever the charges may be, they will be displayed on the checkout page. No hidden shipping fees are applied to the customers.

2. Are there any delivery limitations ?
Ans. Dubaria ship orders everywhere in India. Adding Indiapost to our shipping service list helps us to deliver PAN India. Orders outside India are not accepted on our portal currently.

3. When will I get delivery of my ordered package ?
Ans. It takes about 3 to 5 business working days for an order to be delivered once shipped from our warehouse via express courier service. However, it can take 7 to 9 days to deliver an order if the package is shipped via Indiapost.

4. Are there any hidden cost charged once an order is placed ?
Ans. We charge you whatever you pay on our online store only. No extra cost will be charged at the time of delivery such as Octroi, Cash On Delivery (In case of prepaid orders), Delivery chagres, etc. You pay what you see.